La forza della tradizione. Interazione di culture nel matrimonio siro-malabarese

BisiMARA BISI   – CDCT Working Paper 43-2017 / CTL 19
This article aims to offer an analysis of the Syro-Malabar rite of marriage, and how the same is an expression of cultural interaction between the Hindu culture in pre-colonial India and the structures and models imported by the Roman Church in the early after Christ.
The contribution investigates the discussed origins of the cult and the Syro-Malabar liturgy, and how this cult has found its place among the noble Hindu caste in southern India in Malabar.
In conclusion, this article aims to highlight the similarities and differences between the culture of the noble caste Nayar of South Indian and the culture imported from the Latin Church, in order to show a cult and a ritual that has been able to adapt to new horizons while maintaining the authenticity of its traditions.

MARA BISI   – CDCT Working Paper 43-2017 / CTL 19
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