La tutela del minore marocchino : tra islam, riforme e realtà sociale

MondinoSILVIA MONDINO – CDCT Working Paper 34-2015 / CTL 13

Sommario: The presence of immigrant families involves different challenges from a juridical point of view. It requires judges, first and foremost, and more generally public officials, lawyers, and social workers, to recognize, deal with and, on occasion, apply, institutions and rules pertaining to another legal culture. The study aims to identify, moving away from the typical stereotypes, the rules governing the family in Morocco, the socio-cultural context and, in particular, the situation of the child. Identifying and understanding these factors allows for interventions that utilize this information to assist Moroccan children in Italy in the most effective way; taking into account socio-cultural and legal backgrounds in the preparation of the various measures, as well as the possible interactions with the Italian legal system.

CDCT Working Paper 34-2014 / CTL 13
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