Announcements: Conference “The BRICS in the spotlight. An interdisciplinary approach”

CatturaThe conference aims to encourage a systematic, interdisciplinary conversation about the importance of BRICS vis-à-vis contemporary debates in the socio-political, economic, geopolitical and legal studies realms.
We propose a sequence of five panels in exploration of macro themes (BRICS and global politics; sustainable development, agriculture and food security; the economic dimension; energy and the green economy; socio-economic rights and social inequalities) aiming as far as possible to engage cross-national as well as country-specific issues. A sixth panel to present papers that do not fit into the five macro themes might be organised.
The multidimensional framework of analysis requires an interdisciplinary methodological approach and a multidimensional strategy: from legal theory to development studies, from international relations, to socio political analysis, from economics to sustainable development. Thus, we invite paper proposals that cover this wide range of approaches, theories and comparative studies.


Call for paper
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