CDCT News: Les ateliers de droit civil 2012-2013, McGill University

Cattura-1Professor Silvia Ferreri has been invited to hold a workshop at the Ateliers de droit civil, 2012-2013 organised by the Centre Paul-André Crépeau de droit privé et comparé, McGill University.
For well over a decade, the Workshops have been a showcase for the sharing of new ideas relating to aspects of fundamental private law in the civilian tradition. The new series of workshops will deal with the theme «Les apparences en droit civil».
The conference will host the following list of speakers:
3 October 2012: Eric Descheemaeker, University of Edinburgh: “Truth and Truthfulness in the Law of Defamation”;
16 November 2012: Silvia Ferreri, University of Turin: “The Appearance of Ownership: Sale of Another’s Property”;
18 January 2013: Dean Daniel Jutras, McGill University: « Que personne ne bouge! La confiance légitime comme source d’obligations en droit civil »;
5 April 2013: Ross Anderson, University of Glasgow: “Security over Intangibles: Appearance and Reality”.

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