Announcements: Translation of the Draft Common Frame of Reference

CatturaThe European Commission has entrusted a network of European Universities coordinated by the European Legal Studies Institute (Osnabrück) the task of doing a translation of the Draft Common Frame of Reference into Italian, Spanish, Polish, French and German (tender no. JUST/2010/CONT/PR/0003/A4). The Italian team is coordinated by Prof. Gianmaria Ajani, the Spanish team by Prof. Carmen Jerez, the Polish team by Prof. Zoll, the French team by Prof. Jacques Ghestin and Prof. Michel Séjean, the German team by Prof. Schulte-Nölke. The Italian translation is carried on by researchers of the University of Turin and other Italian Universities, including the University of Brescia, Insubria, Foggia, Genova and Milano.

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