Linee di ricerca condotte dal
Centro di Diritto Comparato e Transnazionale

The Centre for Comparative and Transnational Law supports research in the field of comparative and transnational law. Within this field, the Centre focuses on the following areas of fundamental and applied research.

Legal and non-legal regulation techniques in modern societies: the relationship between law, science and technology
This research project investigates the role of law and of non-legal regulatory techniques in societies where science and technology play a major role in organising social life and citizens’ participation in democratic processes.

Transnational legal orders and the development of plurilingual law
This area of research focuses on the relationship between transnational legal arrangements, law, and its linguistic formulations. This research project assumes that this relationship will radically change in the years to come, under the influence of the international dimension of law making, as well as the impact of migratory movements and cross-border transactions.

These dynamics involve economic actors and citizens, both as rights holders and as consumers.

Markets and institutions: comparing models of development and economic governance
This area of research explores the relationship between market-based economic systems, internationalisation processes behind contemporary developments, and legal policies designed to promote and govern them. Key themes of this project include the territoriality of law as a technique of governance and the growth of markets without borders.

The Centre fosters research that combines the study of these themes, and that takes account of the sustainability of development models by comparing them as well as assessing the risks they present.