L’autonomie contractuelle: ce qui est exclu, ce qui a été ajouté ou déplacé, vu à travers les yeux des observateurs étrangers.

Paper-Silvia-Ferreri-1SILVIA FERRERI – CDCT Working Paper 42-2016/ CTL-18.
At the Milan meeting at Bocconi University (21 novembre 2016) (http://www.dpsd.unimi.it/extfiles/unimidire/97301/attachment/la-reforme-du-droit-des-contrats-21-novembre-2016.pdf) on the French reform of the law of obligations the issue of the freedom of parties has been analysed. The report here published compares the new text with the French judicial precedents and the corresponding rules of the 1942 Italian civil code. Worries expressed by French authors at the dawn of the reform may be reduced: several provisions simply incorporate pre-existing judicial solutions or accept rules that have long existed in Italy. The judge’s role in giving substance to flexible notions (« abusif », «anormal », «excessif », « légitime », « raisonnable », and so on) is inevitable: legal reforms in other countries in recent years, such as in the Netherlands, have met the same challenge. Some observations on the legislative style and some omissions by the French legislator should not seriously affect the enforcement of the new legislation.

SILVIA FERRERI – CDCT Working Paper 42-2016/ CTL-18.
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