Diritto e giustizia in Italia e Giappone: problemi attuali e riforme

copOrtlaniVistoSiStampiPerOrtolaniAutore: Andrea Ortolani
What are the points of contact between Japanese and Italian law? To what extent legal scholars in Italy and Japan know the other system?
Since the late nineteenth century, these two systems have followed parallel paths, and contacts between them have been, for a long time, sporadic. Italy was not a system of prestige in the Archipelago; Japan was seen in Italy as a distant and exotic country, and the study of its legal system was made particularly difficult also by the formidable obstacle that is the Japanese language.
However, in recent times the situation has changed. A sign of a more lively reciprocal interest is the increasing number of publications, academic events, and university classes, in both countries, dealing with Italy and Japan in comparative perspective.
In this respect, the establishment in 2012 of the Italian-Japanese Comparative Law Association has been truly a turning point. The Association held its first general conference on 29 June 2013 at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo.
This book presents the most recent works of the speakers.

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