Talent for Rejuvenation: Exploring the Innovative Potential of Skilled Migration in the EU

CatturaFRANCESCA STRUMIA – CDCT Working Paper 15-2013/ELC8

Abstract: In an age of declining GDPs and surging public debt, on the background of aging populations, immigration represents for many countries, and particularly for European ones, a factor of innovation. But which kind of immigration harbors this innovative potential? Relevant legislation in several countries, including European Union ones in the wake of the E.U. blue card directive, singles out talented migrants for favorable treatment. Talented migrants bring indeed ideas, capital, entrepreneurship and quality workforce, thereby pushing for the revitalization of stagnating economies in the host countries. This paper proposes to spell out, with peculiar regard to the E.U., certain lines along which immigration policies favoring talented migrants may contribute to this revitalizing dynamic, and to identify suggestions on how to tailor relevant legislation for these purposes

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