Genre et Migration dans les pays de l’Afrique subsaharienne (ASS) et au Sud et à l’Est de la Méditerrannée (SEM)

CatturaROBERTA ALUFFI -CDCT Working Paper 11-2012/CTL4

Sommario: The findings presented in this synthesis paper concern the Legal Module of CARIM transversal research on Gender and Migration, and are based on the information and considerations found in the national papers from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Palestine, Senegal, Soudan, Syria et Tunisia. The research is aimed at assessing the impact of the legal factor on women’s migration. The national papers clearly show that legal provisions specifically concerning migrant women are extremely rare; legal provisions, concerning women in general and which are likely to have some specific effect on migrant women, are numerous; and apparently gender blind legal provisions, but which in fact affect women, and more specifically migrant women, are innumerable. Neither legislators nor officials charged with the implementation of the law are taking gender into sufficient consideration. Nevertheless, the adoption of a sensible approach to the potential effects of the law on the condition of migrant women, as well as a careful consideration of the implementation of legal provisions, are powerful elements that can greatly contribute to the improvement of the condition of migrant women and to the study of migration law.

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