Working Papers -2014:

The Centre publishes Working Papers, Policy Briefs and Reports. In addition, the Centre promotes the publication of books and articles in national and international journals in order to disseminate results of research activities. CDCT working paper ISSN 2280-9406. Editorial board: G. Ajani, R. Aluffi, R. Caterina, S. Ferreri, D. Francavilla, B. Gardella Tedeschi, M. Graziadei, B. Pasa

CDCT Working Paper 33-2014 / CTL 15

Overseas, the association between “Italian and the Law” is not that apparent: an oft-repeated cliché, both in official circumstances and generally, is that the language of the law should be French, while Italian is the language of song. It’s true that the musicality of the language tends to leave a lasting impact abroad ..

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CDCT Working Paper 32-2014 / CTL 11

On November 12th, 2013 the Central Committee of the Communist Party of People’s Republic of China approved the “Decision of the CCCP on Some Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening the Reform”. The document – the first major policy statement of President Xi Jinping’s new administration – has been well received for its calls for greater liberalization of the economy and greater governance role for the market ..

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CDCT Working Paper 31-2014/ELC 19

The paper aims at analyzing the topic of unity and pluralism in domestic jurisdiction and underlining the peculiar character of administrative jurisdiction which must be balanced with the respect of an effective judicial protection ..

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CDCT Working Paper 30-2014/ELC18

This is the first of a series of studies on the assignment of contracts, in historical and comparative perspective, in Italian and Japanese law. This paper investigates the origins of the theory and practice of the assignment of claims in Roman Law ..

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CDCT Working Paper 27-2014/ELC16

Portuguese legal formants are influenced, maybe more than in other European countries, by comparative law. The article identifies in the “lei da boa razão” the origin of the influence of comparative law on Portuguese legal order. After the historical retrospective, the attention will be focused on the remarkable influence played by the Italian law system, mainly in relation to the recodification of civil law ..

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CDCT Working Paper 25-2014/ELC15

The research funded by the EU Commission on Document Quality Control in Public Administrations and International Organisations has evidenced some interesting results having some contradictory features. On the one hand, we observed that the need to legislate in several languages is more widely shared than is generally supposed (India and South Africa both have to cope with many languages ..

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